Whistleblower System

Reload Logistics truly values and encourages the help of anyone who speaks up about potential misconduct. All concerns raised will be treated confidentially.

This whistleblowing system allows our stakeholders (including employees and business partners) to use this dedicated channel to report actions contrary to applicable laws or the Group’s Code of Conduct in the following areas:

  • Money laundering
  • Corruption
  • Foreign trade controls
  • Retaliation
  • Insider trading
  • Competition law
  • IT security
  • Data privacy
  • Threats to health, safety and environment
  • Sexual harassment or discrimination

We ensure the confidential handling of alerts and the protection of whistleblowers acting in good faith against any form of retaliation.

Once you submit a report via one of the different channel, you will receive a Case Number and password for follow-up on your submission. Your report is initially reviewed by the Case Manager. Alerts are subject to an analysis of their suitability and, where applicable, an inquiry aimed at establishing in a timely manner the occurrence of alleged misconducts.

The concerns are processed in a confidential manner and the whistleblowers are protected against any form of retaliation.

Note: An improper use of the system may expose you to disciplinary actions and legal proceedings (refer to the policy for more information)