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The Reload Logistics Bulk Terminal in Kasumbalesa

This gallery features Reload Logistics’ Kasumbalesa warehouse facility, which was officially commissioned on 27th June 2014 by Honourable Musenge Mwenya, the Copperbelt Minister.

The RBT (Reload Bulk Terminal) is a trans-shipment facility at the Zambia/DRC Kasumbalesa border on the Zambian side. The warehouse facility measures 12,000m² with 2,025m² under cover and a 552m² section for storage of bonded materials. In total, we have a monthly output of approximately 30,000 tons.

Export options from DRC are very limited, so, by using the Reload Bulk terminal our clients are able to increase their export possibilities. Mines and traders can now export large volumes through Walvis Bay and Beira, apart from the normal corridors of Durban and Dar es Salaam.

Background information

Kasumbalesa is a strategic border town in the province of Katanga in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, located minutes away from Zambian border.

Features & commodities

  • 60 ton solid panel weighbridge
  • State of the art security systems e.g. CCTV
  • Bonding and ex-bonding area
  • 24hr armed guard patrols
  • Fire prevention and firefighting equipment
  • Copper blisters, cathodes, concentrates
  • Cement
  • Bagged Sulphur
  • Zinc
  • Cobalt
  • Fertilizer
  • FMCG Products